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Southeastern provides exceptional lawn and ornamental services. Whether you’re looking for a greener lawn, fewer weeds, or healthier trees and shrubs, Southeastern’s range of services will prefectly suit your property’s needs. Our trained specialist will conduct a thorough analysis and recommend a custom program to fit your lawn and garden. We can also combine any or our Lawn and Ornamental services (Lawn Care, Weed Control, and Tree and Shrub care) with our pest control and/or termite monitoring programs to create a comprehensive treatment plan that will have your pests completely under control.


Because South Florida is home to many pests that invade lawn and gardens, a regularly scheduled program will ensure your investment is protected from these unwanted invaders. Methods used in our Lawn and Ornamental Programs include:

  • Analysis
  • Power Spraying
  • Granulating
  • Fertilizing
  • Deep Root Injection

The first step in creating an effective lawn care maintenance program is to analyze current conditons, and identify any existing problems. In this stage we note grass and soil type, weed types, mowing and watering habits, and problem areas due to disease, insect infestations, or other factors.


The information is then used to create a lawn care program that will correct pre-existing conditions, and give continued protection from pests, weeds, and disease. We can also include custom-blended fertilizers formulated for South Florida’s climate, improving overall health and color with sustained results, guaranteed.


Healthy plants are naturally equipped to fight disease and infestion. But to do so, they must be receiving proper nutrients and be living in suitable conditions. Whether your landscapes, trees, and plants are thriving or showing symptoms of imporper nutrients, Southeastern can create a customized program to ensure your plants receive proper nutrients, and protection against damaging insects and disease.


Just as with our lawn care program, we will conduct an initial evaluation and document current conditions of all trees, plants and shrubs on your property. Upon evaluating these condtions, we will recommend a program tailored to your properties specific needs.


Southeastern will regularly monitor your lawn, plants, trees and shrubs, noting their response to the program and look for signs of trouble. We will also fertilize your plants as needed to ensure your landscape receives the proper nutrients year-round. Our team specialists will also answer any questions you have concerning your landscape, and make recommendations on how to care for your lawn between visits.


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